我,一个女生,研究了一下色情网站X-Art和Pornhub:2021-3-18 · Pornhub于2021年成立于加拿大蒙特利尔,是全球最大的色情视频分享网站之一,在Alexa上排名第80位(最高时排前30)。2021年,Pornhub被总部位于卢森堡的MindGeek收购,和其旗下的Youporn、Redtube等组成了全球最大的色情视频联盟。Two Tribes is one of these rare novels that leaves you looking at the world in a new way.’ James Walton, Reader’s Digest, on Two Tribes

Read this for his mordant dissection of tribalism — why the sense of belonging can become so desperately destructive. Simon Ings, The Times, on Two Tribes

Two Tribes cover image

My stories have been appearing in magazines and anthologies since 1990.  I have published eight novels and three short story collections.  The Turing Test won the Edge Hill Short Fiction Award in 2009.  Dark Eden was  the winner of the 2012 Arthur C. Clarke award.

My last novel was Beneath the World, a Sea   My latest short story collection is Spring Tide.  My latest novel, as of July  2020, is 国内怎么上youtube网站.

This site provides details of all my published books and short stories.  I am a somewhat intermittent blogger.  Blog posts which I think might be of slightly more enduring interest than the others are marked as BEST POSTS.

ISOLATION STORIES: I’m putting up 国外网站镜像站分享和搭建,包涵Google镜像、twitter镜像 ...:2021-2-20 · 先前小编是看到网络上分享了一个关于免翻访问YouTube视频的网站,然后通过网络索引,发现是GitHub上面的一个程序员分享的一个Python反向HTTP代理程序, 这个程序可以用于快速、简单地创建别的网站的镜像,这里别的网站可以是任意网站,当然 ...


JALI: My story ‘When Do We Get There?’ (read by Clare Corbett) is one of six stories in this audio collection from Audible.

AMERICA CITY‘An uneasy read that manages to feel both timely and urgent.’  (Liz Jensen, The Guardian.)

怎么浏览youtube网站  ‘Chris Beckett’s stunning third collection’ (Eric Brown, The Guardian).(America City and Spring Tide are both now available also as audio books.)

Special message for people who don’t read SF.